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We offer a variety of free publications to help parents, educators, and policymakers stay current on education policy and research. These written summaries explore new studies, analyses, and trends across schools and districts in the state of Missouri and throughout the US.

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policy briefs

Policy Briefs explore current topics in education, such as an in-depth exploration of a new policy, a short description of a proposed program, or the highlights of our own research.


education reports

Education reports are larger studies, often evaluating programs and discussing results. They typically include in-depth descriptions of the data, analyses, and results.


Education profiles

Education profiles explore the characteristics and performance of schools across Missouri. We compare profiles within the state, as well as with border states and the broader USA.


Education data

We use and provide publicly available data from the Missouri DESE. We make the data available to help you form and answer questions about schools across the state.


We're here to helpThe Policy Research in Missouri Education (PRiME) Center is a non-partisan research center housed in the Saint Louis University School of Education. Opened in the Spring of 2019, we are wholly committed to conducting and sharing research that leads to better policies, educational outcomes, and opportunities for all students.



We conduct and share research on education. We help lawmakers, educators, and families in the state of Missouri make decisions about education policy and practice. Our mission is to ensure that the people making decisions and building policies around education have the relevant data and evidence they need to build the best educational systems possible.